How You Can Make Your Online Content More Readable

Are you another statistic? Are you one of the businesses with the articles that people barely get through reading? It has been shown by studies, that approximately 20 to 30% of website visitors actually read an entire article. Not good.


That’s not something that you want for your company, especially if you’re a brand that has not been strongly established just yet or if it is very dependent on its articles to bring in customers. You want online content that you can get your readers to read all the way through, that’s why we’re going to show the way to optimise your content so that it’s easier to read. Pay attention.


  • Add some white space to your content. By that, we mean, separate your content into parts so that the readers’ eyes can get a break while they’re going through your writing. Think about it – would you be willing to read an entire page of size 10 or 12, Times New Roman content that isn’t broken down into any paragraphs?Probably not. Your readers would be enthused about doing that either. It is much easier to scan through information that is separated according to different ideas and sections.


  • Make your content’s paragraphs shorter, so that you don’t turn off your readers. The more bite-sized your content is, the more willing your readers will be to read right through it.


  •  The more titles you add to the sections of your work, the more likely your visitors will be to skim through the entire content. Alternate the way you title your various sections as well.


  • Spice up your content with some visual cues. You can integrate thins like images, bullet points, numbers, percentages, infographics and more. That makes your content easier to read and it keeps people interested in the things you write.


  • Pay attention to the platform that you are using for your content. Remember that your content needs to be compatible with various platforms so that you can cater for the various readers. Some people read content from their desktop, while other choose to read it on their smartphones or tablets. You need to cater for these different platforms.




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