Tactics For Making A More Interactive Website For Your Users

The more interactive you make your business website, the more likely you’ll gain and maintain the full attention of the target audience you want. In turn, you will be much more likely to generate traffic and conversions. That’s exactly what you want, right? You can have your customers interact with you on a much more personal level, especially when other can view their interaction.


There are various ways you can ensure that your business’s website’s interactivity and we’ll show you some of them.


  • Use forums to add some interactivity to your website. Firstly, you need to ensure that the subject of your website is one that can guarantee the discussion among your visitors. Remember that not every topic or subject will encourage the visitors that come to your site, to register or to share their opinions. You have to ensure that your topic will elicit this kind of activity.


  • Use comments to allow visitors to share their opinions under your articles and content. It’s a great way for them to directly contribute to the subject that you have provided for them on your website.


  • Use live chat with your staff so that your visitors can quickly and effectively communicate directly with your company. They’ll be able to interact by asking questions, voicing their concerns, giving suggestions and much more.


  • Use live chat for users to give users the opportunity to discuss and engage with other users about certain subjects or issues related to your business. These can also help your visitors to form relationships and build communities among themselves, on your website.


  • Use your presence on social media to help your audience to be more interactive with you by making your social presence known. Most of them are on social media sites anyway and they will appreciate this non-formal avenue through which they can get in touch with you.


  • Use newsletters to help you cover a wider range of subjects under your niche. You can offer them a newsletter on your website instead of sending it directly to their email addresses. That way, they’ll always have a legitimate reason to visit your website.


  • Use podcasts to offer an expanded discussion on your website, about various topics that you cover. That way, persons can listen and learn or call in and inquire/question the host on the topic at hand – now that’s interaction.



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