The Main Reasons That Your Website Is NOT Social Media Friendly

The website that you’ve developed for your business, can be quite a treat for your audience (in some instances). It may be really friendly for search engines, but it actually doesn’t do that well in terms of social media friendliness. Don’t feel bad about it – there are lots of websites that are having the same issues you are having as well. That’s exactly what we’ve written this blog for.


It’s a good idea to figure out why your website is not social media friendly, so that you will be able to make the appropriate changes to the website, to make it more friendly and successful.  Pay attention to the information we’ve provided below.


  • It may be that the information that you provide is below par. Make sure that the content you’ve shared on your website is the type of content that they would want to share as well, with their followers and friends on social media.


  • It may be that you have an unresponsive website. You have to ensure that your web design allows for various types of devices to access your website, social networks and to share information.


  • It may be that your website has a blog that doesn’t add any value to it. If you have a blog that isn’t providing useful information to your website, then there is no point of having it – it’s just taking up space.


  • It may be that there isn’t a social login which allows visitors to use their social network account to log into your site.


  • It may be that you aren’t making the best use of the social sharing buttons available.


  • It may be that your website doesn’t have the right UX (user experience) but this can be improved if you make it social media friendly.


  • It may be that you have a lack of visual content. You need to focus your attention on visual content instead of textual content. That’s always better for getting likes, shares and comments.


  • It may be that you have a lack of meaningful narrative. This means that your content isn’t selling your audience a good story that will make them more eager to listen, share and invest.


  • It may be that your site doesn’t show enough credibility. You need to work on this so that people trust you and your site and will be more willing and open to do business.


  • It may be that you aren’t a huge believer in the importance of social media friendliness for your website. You have to believe in it for it to work.  



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