The Reasons You Need To Monitor Your Online Competitors

You can’t beat your competitors by ignoring them. Fighting is the best way to beat them in their online marketing and by fighting, we don’t mean physically, we mean strategically. You have to know them in order to fight them effectively and so the best way to do that is to monitor their very actions online. You can simply observe the difference between your strategies and theirs, if they’re excelling in an area that you’re struggling in. You don’t even have to let them know you’re looking.


  • Monitoring your competitors can help you to create a PR relationships and get their coverage so that you will be aware of the journalists that are worth getting acquainted with. That way, you’ll know the outlets that want to write about your company and you’ll be more quickly able to find the correct person to get into contact with.


  • You’ll be better able to understand their content marketing strategy and see how exactly they’re using their content. You’ll be able to tell which methods are working for them and which aren’t and then you’ll be able to know which methods to use for your business and which to avoid.


  • Finding their backlinks with SEO sleuthing tools and setting up an alert that can help you to monitor your competitor’s website will help to make you aware of the people who are linking them. You’ll then know which of the blog posts those content creators find intriguing and you’ll have a model to work with, to help you create content that will get you that same sort of attention.


  • You can take advantage of the unhappy customers that your competitors have gotten. Once you identify them, you can then lure them into getting comfortable enough with you so that they will buy from you.


  • Another thing you can do is collect important product feedback from your competitors’ website and other platforms. They will definitely show when they’re unhappy and what they are unhappy with and if you think that you have something of a similar nature, which will bring about this negative feedback, you can make changes to it right then and there.



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