Tips For Writing Near-Perfect Blogs

Bettering your writing is always a good idea when you want to attract your target audience to your company’s blog. Your writing should be relevant and engaging to your audience, so that you can attract them and keep them coming back.


You need to simply ensure that your writing is simple, clear and direct. Complex writing tends to make your audience perceive you as being small-minded. That’s why you need to forget about big words and fancy phrases. You can easily sound naturally smart and you can improve the quality of your writing by doing the following things:  


  • Ensure that you actually have something meaningful to write about, because if you don’t, then your work will just seem like it’s empty and it doesn’t flow smoothly.


  • Remember to remain as specific as you can, because detail is much more interesting for your customers, than vagueness.


  • Go with simple words instead of the really complex ones that people may have to Google the meaning of.


  • Keep your sentences short…and your paragraphs as well. That will make your work much easier to read and to understand. It will also help with the overall smooth flow of your writing.


  • Always write in the active voice, because using the passive voice usually just bores people. We understand that you can’t use it all the time, but try to use it where possible.


  • Stop using so many “fluff” words. They are words that don’t add any meaning to your sentences; they include words such as “little, very’ quite”, etc.


  • Rambling on about different things and straying from the main point of your sentence tends to happen to a lot of writers. It really distracts your readers, so cut it out and stick to the point.


  • Repetition isn’t good for your writing at all. You may not say it exactly the same way twice, but the fact that you said it twice is bad enough. It’ll make your readers get bored.


  • You shouldn’t overdo the amount of content you write for one article. Stay focused on the message and give your readers a reasonable amount of information, without going overboard.


  • Do your editing! Summarize it, alter various sections of it, rewrite it, spelling and grammar check it, before you post it.  



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