Helpful Tips For Increasing Your AdWords CTR

Increasing your AdWords click-through-rate can be made quite easy when if you follow these tips that we want to show you in this article. You want your audience to perceiver your ad as relevant and thus cause them to click on it. Believe it or not, Google really considers CTR as a very important issue. They need to know if people perceive your ad to be import and relevant.


The following tips are going to show you how you can increase your CTR in your AdWords campaigns.


  • You need to focus on your campaign structure. Ensure that each and every ad group has its own clear and concise idea to communicate. Ensure that keywords have their own special ad, made just for what the keyword represents.


  • Understand that Broad Match isn’t everything. In fact, it may be quite integral in actually lowering your CTR. With it “Google will show your ad to searches related to your keywords, and what Google considers related might vary.”


  • Always write ads that are compelling and focus especially, on the headline so that you can catch the audience’s attention much quicker.


  • Test your ads out so that you can see which version has the most impact.


  • If you’re offering something special or of particular importance, highlight it with offers, incentives, promotions, etc., so that it pops out at your viewers.


  • Don’t write a thesis statement about your ad. Ensure that it is straight to the point, doesn’t banter on very long nor has unnecessary or excessive pauses.


  • Start using Ad Extensions. Google offers them to you free of cost and you have a multitude of them to choose from.


  • Pay attention to your competitors’ ads. You’ll see what they’re doing or not doing and you’ll know what to work on.


  • Use negative keywords to your advantage. They can help to increase your CTR as well as help you to save money.


  • Raise your bids in the place where it makes the most sense to do so. That can result in more visibility and a higher likelihood of people getting to see your ad.


  • You should include in your ad, your ad group’s main keyword, so that you can increase the likelihood of people clicking on it.


  • Tract your CTR across different device and make bid adjustments by changing your device targeting strategy.


  • Take a look at your search partners so that you have more accurate readings on your CTR and a more precise look at your performance.



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