The Best Way To Keep Your Email Subscribers Around

Your email subscribers are the people who directly and indirectly support your business’s email marketing campaign. If you didn’t have email subscribers, your email newsletters, email content and your emailing campaign on a whole, would be futile. In other words, you really need them and you really don’t want to lose them.


We can show you some of the most effective tactics available for keeping your email subscribers faithful to you. Read them below and put them into action to see how they work for you.


  • Use interesting and relevant subject lines for your emails, so that you can ensure that you attract your subscribers to read through the email. The more attractive your subject lines are, the less likely it would be for your email to end up in the trash folder. Try to keep your subject lines less than 60 characters long, while effectively showing your customers what the message is about.
  • Make sure that the email address you use is one which will be easy to recognize to prevent them from accidentally unsubscribing. Ensure that the “from” email address is registered to your company’s web domain, instead of popular consumer domains like Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo and AOL. They most likely end up being marked as spam.
  • Become more acquainted with your subscribers and build a bond with them. Be able to positively handle constructive criticism from them, create conversations about the content you send them and chit-chat with buyers and potential customers – those are great ways to form relationships with them.
  • Always make sure that the content you send is relevant. It really doesn’t matter if your content is original or not if it isn’t relevant. This means that sometimes you’ve got to forget about self-promotion in your emails sometimes and pay some attention to making sure that your content is something that your subscribers would be eager to read.
  • Don’t overdo the emailing. Yes, you’ve got a lot of content that you know your user will be interested in, but that doesn’t mean they want it all at once, so don’t send it constantly. Try sending only one or two email every week so that your subscribers don’t feel overwhelmed.

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