Tips For Creating Blog Posts That Are SEO-Friendly

You may think that just about anyone can write a blog post and you may just be right. However, not just anyone can write a blog post that is essentially appealing, shareable and SEO-friendly. That takes quite a lot of skills and there are a number of things you need to know when your aim is for your post to rank high on search engines like Google.

Forget about overusing keywords in your posts, because they may damage your text’s readability. Below, we’ll show you exactly how you can effectively create blog posts that are SEO-friendly.

  • You should know a number of things before you start your post. You should know what you’re going to say to your readers, why you’re writing the blog, what you want your readers to do when they’re finished reading and more.
  • You need to create a clear summary of your blog post so that you can have a good guideline to structure your blog around.
  • Ensure that your all your paragraphs make sense. Each should hold its own idea or main sentence.
  • Make use of headings to help add some structure to your post and to allow Google to grasp the main topics of a long post so that you can improve your ranking in search engine results.
  • Integrate signal words in your post so that readers can scan through your text and still firmly grasp the main idea of it.
  • Before you get to publishing your post, ensure that you let someone else read it and give you their feedback.
  • Try to have no less than 300 words and no more than 700 words in your post and include search terms into about 1 or 2 percent of your text.
  • Show your authority on the subject of your content by linking your current post to your other posts of similar topics.
  • Always keep adding content to your website so that Google knows you’re alive and kicking.

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