Great Types Of Content For Attracting Your Audience

Using words for your blog posts are great, but what’s better? Simple - using different, more interesting types of content, to reach out to your audience and drive them towards your website and towards buying your content. We’ll show you some of the types of content your blogs would definitely benefit from. Just read them below…


  • Infographics: They’re basically a combination of information plus graphics and are great for communicated just about any idea, data, statistics, research or concepts.
  • Memes: These are usually quite humorous images, which are easy to make and go viral very quickly.
  • Book reviews: These are your simple discussions (in your perception) on books you have read.
  • Opinion posts: You can call this a rant. They are usually stronger and more expressive than your usual blog post.
  • Product reviews: This type of content can help you to establish your position of leadership and authority within your industry.
  • Videos: These can help you to cut down on the time your audience takes to receive information and they are very persuasive as well.
  • Guides: These are detailed pieces of content, which are much longer than the usual blog posts.
  • Lists: It’s easier for people to pick up information from a list, than from a jumbled set of long paragraphs.
  • Ebook: These are usually PDF formats, which are downloadable when audience members join your mailing list/
  • Case Studies: With this form of content, you are able to explain how a product or service had helped one of your clients.
  • “How-to-do’s”: These are very popular because they are pretty much instructions or guides on how to do certain things.
  • Link pages: These give your audience links to great resources on the web.
  • Interviews: This type of content shows that you had a one-on-one with a leader in the industry, allowing you to gain more respect from your audience.
  • Podcasts: They are a verbal content format which allow people to listen to you while they go about their daily activities. You can spread your message more far and wide with this type of content.
  • Research and original data: These allow you to share your findings with your audience and build traffic, trust and an authoritative stance for you.


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