Some Useful Tips For Content And Social Media Marketing

Do you want to increase your engagement and improve your content strategy? Most businesses would love to do that! If you’re one of those businesses, you should take a few minutes of your time to read this post. You’ll be able to boost your traffic and you’ll see a great impact on your business when you follow these tips for your online marketing.  

  • Increase your retweets on Twitter by more than 100 percent, by simply adding images to the tweets you share online.


  • Don’t be afraid to re-share content you post. It’s quite okay and very advisable to share blog posts more than once on your social networks. That way, you can help to boost traffic and reach out to people in different time zones, etc.


  • Perform A/B Tests on social networks to figure out which headline works best for the content you post on your website or on social networks.


  • Every time you are about to post some content, make sure to reframe it a bit, so that it doesn’t seem like you’re not sounding repetitive.


  • If you’re using Buffer, you should make use of the ability to drag-and-drop your updates. You can also easily copy your past updates, so that you can make the best of your popular posts.


  • Always be on the lookout for great content, by using social networks like Mention and Buffer, so that you can monitor mentions of your brand, industry keywords, competitors, etc.


  • Figure out the best times to tweet your content by using Followerwonk.


  • Always be open about the way you run your company, by sharing details on open blogs, interviews and social networking sites. Doing that can help you to build bonds with your readers and boost a community of support around you.


  • Take advantage of Google Authorship because your byline will bring attention to you, if you have an entry with rich snippet, then you’ll receive higher click-through rates and you’ll be able to gain a competitive edge.


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