The Importance of Search Engine Rankings

How do Search Engines Work?

Search engines all revolve around one concept; the idea that a customer is more likely to use them if they are more able to find answers and results that match their search query. Companies such as Google and Microsoft spend huge amounts of time and effort crafting software and algorithms that do a great job of indexing and categorizing information and content from the web. When you use a search engine on the Internet, that site is using all of its power to try and answer your question as accurately as possible. Whether you're looking for a cooking recipe, or an answer to a math problem, you'll only use that engine again if it's able to help you find what you're looking for the majority of the time. As such, search engines work by rating the quality of the content on websites in order to prioritize relevant results. If a website's content is of higher quality and is more relevant to user searches on a particular topic or keyword phrase then it is more likely to show up in a higher position than less relevant websites.

The way that search engines determine what is quality content has changed over time, and will continue to change and evolve as algorithms and categorization improve. Many companies are not as focused on becoming leaders in their industries and instead simply pursue traffic as a way to make money. Over time, they develop strategies for manipulating search engines into placing their websites higher than they should be, resulting in companies like Google and Microsoft needing to constantly update their methods in order to continue providing accurate results to submitted queries. Current best practices for ranking well in search engines involve creating keywords that relate to your topic and placing them within the text of your page. If your content agrees with the keywords, you're more likely to receive traffic from search engines as your ranking will be closer to the top because of the high relevancy of your content to the query submitted by the user performing the search.

Why Your Search Engine Rank Matters

Your page rank determines where you show up when someone is searching for something that you'd like to appear for close to the top in search engines. For example, if your site deals with guitar sales, then you'd prefer to show up on the first page of search results when someone searches for "guitars". The difference that this rank can make is worth a huge amount of money, especially if you operate an online business selling musical instruments. Although that first page is incredibly competitive in most cases, so you will want to make sure that you invest your time, energy, and money optimizing your site for the right keywords so that you can capitalize on your investment. In today's world, a huge percentage of business is based around the Internet and most consumer purchases begin with comparison shopping online first. As a result, your page rank in search engines like Google can make or break your year!

Another benefit to having a high page rank is that it provides your company with a great amount of credibility. When you're the leader in your industry, you're more likely to appear in search results and leave a feeling of trust and confidence within potential customers. Your ranking will also continue to increase at a compound rate because more people will be talking about you, visiting your website, linking to you and referencing your services; all of which look good for your relevancy ratings. By working on your search engine optimization strategy, you can help to support your credibility and improve your company's reputation online. By just appearing on the first page of search results at Google or Bing!, you're effectively telling the potential customer that you're trustworthy, experienced and successful.

How to Affect Search Engine Ranks

Creative Designs in Ottawa can help you to improve your search engine rank through a number of different ways. Strategies for improving page rank will always be different, depending on what kind of industry you work in, and what your current page rank is, as well as what the current level of competition is for your desired search phrases and keywords. We'll work with you to ensure the pages of your website are constructed correctly and have the right keywords scattered throughout your text to ensure that your rankings will improve significantly in search engines. Our writing services take note of which keywords you'd like to place for, and build around them, ensuring your content is natural but also technically viable for relevancy in search engines.

The absolute best way to improve your page rank is to ensure that the content of your website is relevant and engaging. Again, our writing services can help you to craft a website of this nature that is optimized for search engines and compelling for customers to make a confident purchasing decision. Our entire team at Creative Designs understand that your knowledge and experience is incredibly valuable, and so we'll help you to take that knowledge, get it online and allow it to work for you while you're sleeping. Creating a winning search engine strategy must be part of your marketing campaign if you want to generate a lot of targeted traffic and increase your revenue this year.

We can Help You Achieve a Higher Search Engine Ranking

Call us today at 613-482-0480 or visit our SEO page to learn more about our marketing services that can help you acquire a higher rank in search engines.

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