How to send email from any POP3 account from Gmail

There are quite a few advantages of using Gmail as your mail provider. Gmail is a Google product which means that you can count on their support, integrity, and reliability; the last of which is hugely important when it comes to your emails. Additionally, Gmail offers huge online storage and as with any webmail you do not need to have any mail software installed and you can access your email from any computer with an internet connection.

To start setting up and using Gmail as your email software/provider, you will need your email address, user name, password and incoming POP3 mail server information, as well as your Gmail account (free to setup here).

If you are hosting your website with us, Creative Designs, then your settings would be:

  • Email address: must be entered in full (eg.
  • Username: same as email address
  • Password: **Your password**
  • Incoming server:
  • Incoming port: 110
  • Outgoing server:
  • Outgoing port: 25 (sometimes 26 depending on your Internet Service Provider)

Here are instructions on how to send email from any POP3 account through a Gmail account.

  • Log in to GMail
  • Click Settings
  • Click Accounts and Import
  • Click Add POP3 email account
  • Enter your email address in the popup box and click Next Step
  • For Username enter your full email address
  • For Password enter your password
  • For POP server enter your mail server address, leaving the Port as it is
  • Check the box Leave a copy of retrieved message on the server
  • Check the box Label incoming messages—the other two checkboxes should be unchecked
  • Click Add Account
  • If you see a red error message check that the details are correct otherwise choose the Yes checkbox and then Next Step
  • Enter your name and click Next Step
  • Click Send through Gmail (easier to set up) and then Next Step
  • Click Send Verification
  • Close the window, wait a few moments and check your GMail inbox for a verification email
  • Click the link in the email and you can now send email as that account

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