The Most Important Element of Your Website

We meet hundreds of business owners every year and it is unfortunate that most of them have been missing out big time with their marketing opportunities - although it's a good thing that they are now seeking help with their marketing. When we start working with a client to revamp their website one of the first things we review with our client is usually the lack of a call to action. Visitors to your website often don't make it past the first page so this is your chance to capture their attention and prompt a response to turn the lead into a customer.

It is essential to take the guesswork out of what the customer is supposed to do next. With our website design Ottawa clients, we always ensure that their website is performing as a sales tool at all times and this starts with the home page. It is also important to keep in mind that a call to action is much more than just a button saying "BUY NOW". Your call to action should clearly accomplish the following:

  • Grab your customer's attention
  • Instruct your customer and build a relationship
  • Do the thinking for your customer

Let's expand on the above points to make sure you are getting a clear picture of what should be done with your marketing tools such as your website, print materials, and even your conversations with potential customers.

Grab Your Customer's Attention

In order to get your customers to perform the task you desire, let's say you want them to submit a Free Estimate Request for your landscaping services, it is important to construct messages and graphics that will hook your customer's attention in order to give them instructions on what they should do. Because we live in a world full of messages and information that constantly bombard our minds it is important to make your "attention grabber" clear and concise, yet visually appealing enough to draw the customer's eyes to the desired section of your website or marketing materials.

Instruct Your Customer and Build a Relationship

Once you have grabbed your customer's attention to your message, button, form etc. it is important to quickly build a relationship with the customer to instill confidence and trust in your message, product, or service so that when you provide them the directions of what they should do they will act on your prompts. During this process it is important to put some real thought into what your customer will be thinking at this moment so that you can develop the perfect set of instructions that both pitch the sale to the customer and establish a relationship of trust and confidence.

At this moment you want to instruct your customer to do something that will ultimately lead to a sale for your business. The one major advantage with your website is that you can make changes on the fly and try different sets of "instructions" to see what works well. Of course you can do this with your print materials also; however it is far more cost-effective to do this A-B testing on your website.

Do the Thinking for Your Customers

This is perhaps one of the most crucial steps in crafting the call to action for your business. Because people are often "lazy" when it comes to marketing messages (primarily because we see soo many messages like this every day) and they will take the path of least resistence whenever possible, it is very important to hold the customers hand and walk them through the process of taking action to generate the desired results.

Customers usually get frustrated (mostly midly) when reading an interesting message that a business has advertised or posted if there is no clear direction of what they are supposed to do. Don't make your customers guess what they are supposed to do - instead give them clear instruction and direction that makes it easy for them to convert into your customer.

In Conclusion, it would be wise to review your current marketing materials to see if you A) have a call to action present and B) you're call to action is effective. On your website you may have several calls to action but keep in mind that having too many on one page can actually detract from the effectiveness of your marketing because people will likely get confused about what to do, when to do it, and may start questioning subconciously why they should do it. Remember, a confused customer never buys!

Happy marketing :)

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