Raising the Bar: RBC Bank and a Bottle of Water

The current marketplace in Canada is highly competitive and one element that is commonly found among leading companies is exceptional customer service. At Creative Designs, we pride ourselves in providing exceptional service to our customers. This means going beyond simply "doing our job" and providing great website design, marketing, and branding services. At the core of our firm is a corporate culture that embraces "going the extra mile". This is why we respond to all client emails within 5 minutes on average and why we answer questions from clients around the world at all hours of the day.

Recently during a visit to two separate banks for our quarterly accounting and business accounts reviews we experienced something magical. Although it was a small gesture, the customer service we received at RBC Royal Bank in Ottawa was incredible. The first bank we visited to review some of our accounting, we won't mention their name, simply "did their job" and had us wait for an account specialist to become available. Once the specialist was available we reviewed accounts, made some modifications to our banking accounts, made some deposits etc. and then left the branch. This is not to say that what they did was bad, rather that what they did was expected and didn't leave a lasting impression in our minds. Put simply it was just business as usual.

The second bank we visited where we have the balance of our accounts was RBC Royal Bank. At first it was merely business as usual dealing with the teller as the first point of entry. Then we were asked to wait in the comfy seats for a senior manager to sit down with us to complete our banking review and changes. What happened next was that little extra, seemingly insignificant event that left a lasting impression in our minds and reassured us that banking with RBC Royal Bank in Ottawa was one of the smartest business decisions we could have made.

So what did they do?

Simply put, they showed us they cared. The same teller who had asked us to wait for the senior manager asked us to wait in the seating area. Then he paused for a moment and said, "Can I get you and your team something to drink while you wait?". There were three of us in the seating area, myself (the owner of CD) my accountant and one of my developers. We each replied that a water would be great and the teller disappeared briefly into the back room and the came all the way around from behind the teller kiosks and brought us each a chilled bottle of water.

This may seem like a very simple gesture but the power of this simple gesture showed all of us that RBC Royal Bank cares about the well being of their customers beyond the dollars and cents.

So in terms of customer service excellence, RBC gets 6 thumbs up from the three of us who were looked after and we appreciate the great banking experience and genuine gesture from the teller.

What does this mean for your business?

To make a lasting impression on your customers only requires something as simple as showing you care. So building your business with customer service as a central quality at the heart of your day to day operations will lead to success and build loyalty among your customers. Businesses that build loyalty by going the extra mile for their customers are usually able to charge appropriately and avoid "price-wars" because the majority of the time customers would rather pay a premium to receive better service.

That's all for now on this segment of Raising the Bar.

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