Advantages And Disadvantages Of Long-Form And Short-Form Content

There are many forms that your content may take on. You have to know what really works for you and your viewers the best. Some say use short content because more people are going to be interested, but what about the people who want a more in-depth, detailed version of the content you have to offer?


It seems like it’s going to be a constant argument, but you can decide for yourself, as long as you know the advantages and disadvantages of each of the forms of content. Then, you’ll be able to make the choice that suits your company the best. Read the information we have created for you below.


The advantages of Long-Form Content:

-          There is a dedicated ranking mechanism for them, provided by Google.

-          There is increased engagement for your audience.

-          Evergreen, foundational content is supported.

-          A broader, deeper view of the topic is presented.

-          It’s great for your deeply invested audience.

-          There are a lot of quality backlinks.

-          There is a lot more credibility and thought-leadership.


The disadvantages of Long-Form Content:

-          These are less shareable.

-          They are less likely to go viral.

-          They create shorter attention spans.

-          There possible isn’t very high ranking.

-          They are more likely to be inconvenient to people who don’t have a lot of time to read through them.


The advantages of Short-Form Content:

-          They are fun.

-          There is the possibility that they will go viral.

-          They are mobile-friendly.

-          They attract more readers.

-          They are great for the people who scan instead of read.

-          They are very shareable.


The disadvantages of Short-Form Content:

-          They tend to be shallow and don’t get in-depth in the topic.

-          They provide very little information about the topic.

-          They cause people to become bling to formulaic posts.

-          They encourage “me-too” content.


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