Build A Steady Blog in Just10 Steps.

Blogging isn’t always the easiest task in the book for content marketers. Starting your business’s blog is easy, making sure it’s interesting is another battle in itself, but maintaining it can be really challenging.


We know how important blogging is for content marketing, so we have compiled a list of things that you can do to help you maintain your blog:

  1. You need to decide how often you will post or blog. It’s better to start small at the beginning, then you can increase the number of time you blog later on.


  2. Appoint one person who will be responsible for tasks associated with the blog. Get a ‘blog administrator’.



  3. Organize your blog with an editorial calendar. Be organized.


  4. Give editorial guidelines, which are basically there to answer the questions writers have or offer them the general information they need to know.



  5. Set a schedule for your bloggers. Writers will work better when they know what they’ll have to do – the workload wouldn’t be as burdensome on them.


  6. Schedule all blogs to be submitted on a particular day of the week.



  7. Be SPECIFIC in your blogs. Really try to break down the information for the benefit of your audience.


  8. Keep things consistent by setting up a series of posts that branch from particularly large topics.



  9. Designate someone to upload the posts. It will help the writing style looked more uniformed and it will save you time.


  10. Finally, have some backup posts waiting in line so you won’t be in a dilemma just in case you have a change in your schedule.



We hope these steps will be useful for you. Just in case you need a little more help, remember Creative Designs is the perfect team for you! Don’t struggle with the enormous job of marketing your website – let the professionals help. Give us a call today and we can show you how we can help you with your website design, marketing your website, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), social media marketing and branding.


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