Advertisers Need To Engage Customers

Social Media sites and popular websites, like Facebook and Google, are changing, so you need to change the game of your content.  Most times, media-buying negotiation goes like this: (1) A publisher has something to sell; (2) The advertiser who wants it the most and who won’t mind paying the most for it wins. It’s basic supply and demand. But the future of media-buying is changing. “In other words, advertisers will be awarded inventory based on their ability to come up with content that consumers actually like.”


  • Google has created a CTR or a click-through rate that helps show if an advertiser wins the auction for inventory. Before that came about, there was the CPC (cost per click) or “he who pays the most per click wins!” model. Unfortunately, the CPC model allowed the “advertiser [to get] a lot of free impressions, and the publisher didn’t get paid.”


  • Since an advertiser could create a relevant ad, but send the user to a low relevance landing page, Google realized there was a problem with the system and that was costing them money. How? Because even though Google is paid the moment the searcher clicks, Google loses money the moment the searcher gets to an irrelevant landing page. This is simply because the user would most likely desist from clicking future Google ads, thus costing Google future money.


  • “Facebook recently announced an update to its News Feed algorithm that — if applied to advertising — would take consumer engagement metrics to an entirely new level.” It measures how relevant a News Feed post is, by how long a user spends on it, as compared to other posts. For instance, if you wanted to run an advertisement for mortgage, that ad would show up on a user’s News Feed only if they likely engaged with a mortgage and your ad was the one they were most interested in.


Interesting stuff, right? They can really make a difference for your business. We can help make a difference too! You may or may not be an expert in the field of online marketing, but we certainly are. We can help with whatever your needs may be. All you have to do is give us at Creative Designs a call and we can help you with that and much more. Call today!

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