Boost Resources Over Content

Content marketing is great and it can indeed be effective if it is done right. However, marketers should take the time to pay attention to the resources that their companies possess. It’s time that they recognize and utilize them well. A resource is providing something that is useful and in the case of business, it is “core to fulfilling content marketing objectives”.  


In actuality, contents and resources can be somewhat interchangeable – “Content can be a resource and a resource can be content”. That’s why we’re going to identify the differences between the two.

-          Content gives information, while resources give solutions to problems.


-          Content addresses any question or topic, while resources focus on addressing needs specific to the target audience.


-          Content can be really shallow, while resources are more likely to dig deeper, solving problems and being comprehensive.  


-          Content can be really random, while resources need to be properly organized in a manner that is helpful to the audience to solve their problems.


-          Content seeks to express itself and what it has to offer, while resources seek to take an understanding approach to the needs and problems of the audience, in an effort to help them find a solution.


When you develop the resources that your business has to offer, then you are much better able to reach goals within areas of marketing such as branding, social and SEO, lead generation, customer loyalty and retention.


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