Get It Right With Your Email Campaign

An email marketing campaign is one of the best ways for you to market your business. That’s why your email campaign should be operating at its prime. You want to ensure that your recipients are captivated by your emails, due to the content and the time frame in which they are sent. We’re going to focus on the latter.


Time is money! Don’t waste it and don’t miss out on it.  A great way to start this off is by figuring out when the perfect time to send an email is. Here are some things you should note:


-          An email is most effective in the first few hours in which it is sent. After 24 hours, it is no longer as powerful or effective.


-          You need to identify your audience. Know that B2B marketers are likely to have better luck sending their emails during the day and B2C marketers are likely to have better luck sending their emails during the evening.


-          A simple explanation for the previous note is that you are more likely to have consumers checking their emails at evening time, while workers are busily using their computers during the day, so they’ll likely check their emails then.


-          Try not to be the first ones in someone’s inbox. Those emails usually get ignored and so do the emails that are sent very late in the evening or at night.


-          Test your audience out in segments. Start testing the highest-performing one, so that you’ll get an accurate response. Cut your segment in half  - send one half at the time u typically send you emails and send the other half at another time (that’s significantly different from the first). Try this out a few times to see when is the best time to send you emails. Always remember to test and re-test in the future.



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