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Over the years we have been approached by hundreds of companies looking to setup or redesign a website for their business. Of course each of these clients have come from different industries and backgrounds yet they all shared one common objective. Each client was looking to increase their customer base, generate new revenue, and create a professional web presence for their business.

In order to determine exactly what makes a website successful we first have to determine what “successful” is for you, your business, and your budget. There are several elements that should be implemented into every business website such as easily accessible contact information, a company profile or bio, a list of services and/or products, as well as company news. These are considered (in our office at least) as NWE or Necessary Website Elements. These are the website features that you will find on most large company websites and internet-savvy consumers are looking for them every time they visit a new website. Although it is very important to know that customers won’t look and search too long to find something on your site in most cases so these NWE’s need to be easy to find on your website.

This is one area that many websites can definitely improve on and quite often overly-creative developers will steer business owners in the wrong direction, sacrificing user-friendly convenience for flashy and unique designs. While it is important to use creativity while developing a corporate website, it is equally if not more important to stick to the basics and provide a very functional and friendly interface for your customers. At the end of the day wouldn’t you rather have your customers easily navigate through your website and be able to contact you in seconds when prompted by a cleverly placed call-to-action?

Most of the clients we have worked with over the years have considered a successful website to be one that generates a lot of leads or sales; although we continue to have several clients a year who are looking to design or redesign a website strictly for brand awareness purposes. If we take the general idea that a successful website is one that generates more sales or leads then we can begin to break down the ingredients that can make a website successful.

Let’s start by asking ourselves, “How do you generate more sales or leads from your website and business?”

It is not uncommon for business owners to spend a lot of time, energy, and money trying to answer this question. Well, there are several ways that your business can generate more sales and leads however we will focus on the most important methods that often get overlooked. In order to increase your revenue from your business and website you have to increase the number of pillars holding up your house of revenue. A house with one pillar is not very stable. If that pillar crumbles…so does the house of revenue.

In order to generate more pillars you must identify ways of accomplishing the following three things:

  1. Deal with your existing customers more often.
  2. Increase the amount of money you make off of each customer.
  3. Increase your profit margins on every transaction.

Of course creating new pillars based on these methods does require a fair amount of planning, time, and consideration to be effective. Don’t worry, all of them don’t have to be done tomorrow. To get you started, let’s examine each of these a little closer.

If your idea of success with your website is to:

  • Increase user activity and response from your website;
  • Develop a solid brand that is easily recognizable;
  • Encourage visitors to promote your website to other potential customers; and
  • Generate new pillars of revenue from existing customers.

then you should consider the following when having your company’s website developed in the near future:

  1. Keep it simple – Users don’t want to think when they visit your website. They want to be guided.
  2. Keep it consistent – Users don’t like change, unless it is content. Moving elements can stir away visitors.
  3. Keep it clean – Users like clean and creative layouts as long as they are easy to navigate.
  4. Keep it updated – Update your content often and give customers a reason to come back often.
  5. Keep it social – Allow users the ability to easily share your website with friends, family, and co-workers.
  6. Keep it fun – Offer contents as often as you can to create a ‘buzz’ about your business and encourage new visitors.

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