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We don't simply design logos - we create corporate identities and brands that deliver results!

Almost everyone is familiar with the saying "a picture is worth a thousand words". In the business world, this can be more true than anywhere else and having an effective and consistent company image that can be easily recognized is something that can mean the difference between continual growth or premature failure!

The extremely talented logo design team at Creative Designs can create an identity for your organization that is sure to establish credibility, visibility, and make a positive impact on your customers. We take the guess work out of the process by analyzing your industry and creating a unique, clear, and recognizable brand for your company.

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Your Company Logo Should Meet these 5 Brand Rules

When we design logos and brand identities for our clients we always ensure that we adhere to the following five brand rules:

  1. The Right Fit and Unique
    Your logo design should stand out in the marketplace and be instantly recognizable by your audience. Staying away from generic, overused visuals or icons is a great way to accomplish this goal. Using high quality, professional fonts and typography can also help your brand look unique, while adding credibility to the design of your company logo.
  2. Simple and Memorable
    Effective logo designs rely on simplicity. The best designs are simple and work well with colour and text but are also easily recognizable by audiences without them included. While simplicity is at the core of the design process, having brand recognition among audiences will help build familiarity and increase both your brand's trust and credibility in the marketplace. Using a great design in tandem with great marketing will help your brand create relevant associations with your business among audiences and also make your brand a serious competitor in your industry's marketplace.
  3. Minimal or No Special Effects
    The temptation to add drop shadows, gradients, and other embellishments is very strong, but you must resist! Of course there are always exceptions to this and every other rule, but in keeping with the idea that the logo should be simple, avoid these extra effects.
  4. Appropriate Colour Use
    Your logo should be designed in a way that makes it an effective attention-grabber for audiences that are able to view it both with and without colour. Colours carry meaning (and they can vary by culture). A little research can help you decide which colours may best suit your brand. If you've already got an established brand colour scheme, make sure your logo ties into it well. Visit this link to learn more about choosing the right colours for your logo.
  5. Flexible
    A strong logo should translate well across a variety of different media. A logo design that looks fantastic on a website should also impress potential clients that receive your business card or see your logo on a large billboard. This means that your logo should be optimized for every channel on which it could be presented so that you can avoid blurry images or other sizing problems. If your logo does not make the transition from one medium to another flawlessly, your company's legitimacy could suffer.

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