Logo Design Resources and Tools

Logo Fonts and Typography

Fonts and typography present an opportunity for your business to visually engage your customers, so finding the right free or paid font for your logo and brand might be more important than you think.

A great resource for finding fonts is: dafont.com

Logo Colours

Every colour, including black and white, has implications for your company's logo and identity. It is important to pick your colours carefully to enhance specific elements of your brand and bring nuance to your message with the use of shade and tone. With that being said it is equally important to ensure that your logo works well in both colour and black and white.

In general terms, bright and bold colours are attention-grabbing but can appear brash. Conversely, muted tones convey a more sophisticated image, but run the risk of being overlooked.

A great resource for finding colour codes is: colorpicker.com


Logo Tip: Keep it Simple :)

Generally speaking, a logo design should be very simple. It's important to remember that the goal is to build brand recognition.

Your logo sums up who you are in a single image. Creating a simple graphic can be very difficult, but it is critical to keep the design as simple and basic as possible. Complex images are less likely to be recalled later, so keep the logo bare-bones.

Additionally, a simple logo reproduces much more neatly to different sizes. You want your logo to look the same whether you use it on postcards, your website, or on a billboard ad.

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