Promote Your Business with a Prize Campaign

We have partnered with the industry leading prize campaign managment and promotion company PrizeMax to offer our customers a cutting-edge contesting platform that can accelerate your marketing and boost the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

Prize campaigns offer great marketing opportunities to:

  • Foster customer loyalty and brand recognition
  • Attract new customers from social exposure and sharing
  • Create targeted email lists of customers
  • Inexpensively position your brand in front of a lot of eyeballs
  • Communicate with your email list to offer consolation offers


How Does it Work?

  1. You post a prize on PrizeMax
  2. Your prize is blasted to our network, promoted on your site, and can be promoted with Prize Cards that you hand out to each customer who walks in your door (cards have a QR code to allow customers to enter quickly and easily)
  3. Customers enter to win your prize via email, Twitter, and Facebook
  4. A winner is chosen and an email is sent to all entrants notifying the winner and presenting a special offer from your business to everyone who entered to win
  5. Entrants who didn't win come in to your business to redeem their consolation offer and you are able to track each consolation offer redemption using your smart phone or tablet


Guaranteed Customers

The winner of your prize will come into your store to redeem or collect their prize. Chances are they will purchase more of your great products and services during the same visit.

Statistics show that it is always cheaper to keep an existing customer than it is to acquire a new one. The magic of PrizeMax is that we provide business owners with a platform to acquire new customers and gain exposure with a small investment - give away a gift certificate, product that has been sitting on the shelf or anything else and you are guaranteed to get a customer from PrizeMax.

Viral Exposure on Facebook & Twitter

Tap into the power of social networks without having to invest a lot of time learning how to setup a Facebook page or constantly updating posts and answering questions.

With PrizeMax, everytime someone enters to win your prize all of their Facebook or Twitter friends are notified that they just entered to win a prize from your business. The average number of friends or followers that people have on popular social networks is 120. This means that if 20 people enter to win your prize right away then 2400 people on average will see your offering and business name. Many of these people will check out your prize page, enter to win, and click to visit your website.

Join the FREEvolution and post a prize on our network to reach thousands of potential customers.

Your Business is Promoted by Email

When you post a prize on PrizeMax, our users are notified by email to check out your prize and enter to win. This means that thousands of people are notified of your prize as soon as it goes live on our network.

Each user that receives the email will see your business and be able to visit your website to learn more about your business. Furthermore, each user that enters to win your prize will have their entry posted on their Facebook or Twitter page for all of their friends to see. This is why PrizeMax has proven to be a successful formula for businesses seeking a lot of social exposure with a minimal investment of time and money.

PrizeMax is the perfect social marketing tool for your business!

Give a Little or Give a Bundle

You're in the driver's seat - you choose the prize you want to offer. This means you can give a smaller prize or a bigger one. We provide businesses with an incredibly powerful social marketing tool that offers your business the potential to reach thousands of new customers.

Try a few different prizes to see which one attracts the most attention for your business. You can give a little or give a lot, the amount of investment is up to you.

Post a prize today

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