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When it comes to sales and marketing, it usually takes a few interactions between your company and your prospects before a purchase is made. Email marketing offers a great opportunity to acquire a prospects contact details and then shoot them an email with a compelling marketing pitch along with other information about your company. If used correctly, email marketing can play a major role in your marketing campaign and drive the growth of your business.

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The world is becoming increasingly more digital. More businesses than ever operate solely online and your customers are very, very likely to use email, Facebook, and their computers on a daily basis. Email marketing allows you to bring your brand experience directly to the people you most want to target. Consumers are becoming more Internet savvy and fully expect the companies they deal with to provide information to them whenever they want it. Although the switch to a more customer-centric experience has been occurring for some time, email marketing is still a relatively new science. Creative Designs can help you navigate the online advertising landscape and get your message directly to your customers.

  • Much more affordable than print promotions
  • Interact with your customers inexpensively
  • Generate repeat sales and keep your customers informed
  • Gain valuable feedback from your customers
  • Cross-sell and up-sell products and services to existing customers

Email Marketing is a Great for Your Business

One of the best benefits of an email marketing campaign is that you're able to remind your customers of who you are in the message. Even if they haven't purchased from you lately, a reminder in their email can likely lead to purchases from existing clients and increase the likelihood that they will use you again in the future. It is said to be five times more difficult to gain a new customer than to retain an old one, and email marketing is a very cost effective way of retaining your past customers as well as converting customer who are "on the fence".

A Great Email Marketing Campaign can Generate Sales

Even if you primarily operate a business from a brick and mortar location, collecting names for an email marketing campaign is a great idea. If your business is online, then it's likely that customer details are stored in your database anyway, making it easy for you to compose a marketing list for email messaging. More savvy business owners will separate their customers into different lists, then create email marketing messages that relate to those lists directly to increase the effectiveness of the campaign. The more customized and relevant a message is, the more likely a customer is to appreciate it and make a purchase. Creative Designs can help you to plan your email marketing campaign, from first gathering names to delivering a fantastic message that will drive revenue and retain customers.

Email newsletters or promotions must engage customers or else the messages will likely end up in the junk folder or trash can. A boring message will never be opened, let alone read, so finding the right words to spark interest is one area in which an email marketing campaign can shine. Creative Designs will help you to craft subject lines that get opens, as well as formulate content that will first arouse the curiosity of your customers, then bring them back to your company. We can also help to craft visuals that are pleasant and will complement your message.

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