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With the rapid spread of high-speed internet, rich-media has become more common place and the improvements in data delivery through faster internet services have allowed business to convey their marketing messages in ways that were previously not widely available.

Video marketing is an efficient and informative way to promote your products, services, and company information to customers in a visual and concise media format. While you should still promote your marketing messages through the text and banners on your website, video marketing provides you with the opportunity to capture the attention of your customers and prospects and deliver your marketing message in an exciting and visually stimulating way.

We can create your marketing video for you and submit your video across several video hosting websites (such as YouTube) to help reduce bandwidth on your website and to tap into customers who are searching for your products or services on video hosting platforms.

Your marketing video will increase your exposure and online visibility as well as deliver information about your business, website, products, and services to potential customers and prospects. Additionally, the marketing video keywords and description areas will help boost your search engine rankings and lead customers to your website.

Start Marketing Your Business Through Video Marketing

If you already have a video created that you want to promote online, we can submit your video to hundreds of distribution channels that we work with to increase your marketing exposure and introduce your company and brand to hundreds of online shoppers and prospects.

We can also create a basic marketing video for you to get your marketing message on the web quickly and inexpensively. We will take several screenshots of your website and provide relevant captions and a soundtrack featuring your site.

Video Marketing is a Great Investment

Video length will be approximately 60 seconds and include keywords and descriptions to increase your search engine visibility. You will receive a report of the links where your marketing video was submitted.

  • Video creation + 10 submissions - $55
  • Video creation + 35 submissions - $105
  • Video creation + 75 submissions - $180

Call us today at 613-482-0480 to start promoting your business, products, and services through video marketing and maximize your search engine exposure!

Example Video Marketing Videos

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