Features of Our Mobile Apps

Your mobile app comes packed full of features that can propel your business to the next level and crush your competition. Our mobile apps come with everything you need

Top 10 Mobile App Features

  • GPS Directions
  • Push Notifications
  • One Touch Calling
  • GPS Loyalty Rewards
  • QR Coupons
  • Online Ordering
  • Mailing List Feature
  • Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & YouTube Integration
  • Business Information & Email Forms
  • Video Integration


Communicate with Your Customers

Push Notifications

Send messages to your customers whenever you'd like using our easy to use content management system. You can send customers alerts and announcements of specials to get them in the door during slow periods or when you have events and promotions.

GPS Coupons

Create mobile coupons for your customers to unlock by "checking in" at your business. This ensures that your customers have your app installed to receive push notifications (as mentioned above) and also creates a "buzz" about your business because of the deals that customers receive using your business app.

GPS Directions

Give your customers turn-by-turn GPS directions to your business from anywhere in the world. This is helpful especially when people refer your business so that customers can spend less time looking for your business and more time spending at your business.

One Touch Calling

Give your customers one touch calling from inside your app. No numbers to save or remember. The easier it is for them to contact your business, the more frequently they will likely contact your business. A mobile app for your business makes it easier for customers to call you which ultimately will lead to more sales.

Business Information at Their Fingertips

Integrate any sort of information you'd like about your business. Whether it's your food menu or services, you can provide current information about all of your services and products right inside the mobile app so it is always available to your customers.


Social Integration

Your mobile app easily integrates with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Flickr, Picasa and even your blog's RSS feed!

Facebook Integration
Integrate your Facebook to connect with customers on one of the most popular social sites.
Twitter Integration
Integrate your Twitter page to connect with your customers through their favorite social media sites.
LinkedIn Integration
Integrate your LinkedIn page to connect with your customers through their favorite social media sites.
YouTube Integration
Easily display hundreds of videos from your YouTube channel beautifully inside of your mobile apps.


Available to All of Your Customers

Your mobile app will be available to customers with iPhone, iPad, Android, and HTML5 devices - so you're covered no matter what mobile device your customers are using.

This opens up more doors for your business because customers can download your app on their native device (unlke many mobile apps that are limited to one or two platforms). Furthermore when you publish new updates to your app the updates are automatically pushed to all versions of your app for your customers to keep up to date with your business.

Now you can send coupons and deals directly to your customers pockets!


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