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Our FREE SEO audit finds your biggest SEO problems and helps you fix them so that your website can rank higher in search results. 

There's no catch, cost or fee.

We will review your site to review the various keywords that you are targeting for each page and provide recommendations on how this can be improved. We will also review your site architecture and other important on-page SEO elements and provide recommendations that follow best practices.Furthermore, we will review the site for any technical issues that might be hindering the overall SEO of the site including things dealing with crawlability, redirects, errors, sitemaps, page speed, content markup, and indexation.

In addition to any technical issues, we will look at the links that point to your site and give my recommendations on what is going on and in what way this is currently affecting your organic rankings.

Lastly we will take a look at the content of your website and provide recommendations on what you can do to improve your content strategy for the greatest SEO impact.

What’s Included in the Free SEO Audit?

  • Keyword Targeting Analysis
  • On-Site Analysis
  • Link Profile Analysis
  • Content Analysis
  • Technical SEO Analysis
  • Local SEO Analysis

Audit your site and find out exactly how to rank higher!

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