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Managing your social media pages can be a full-time job and for some users even setting them up can be lead to confusion and frustration. Plus once you get it setup it may not have that professional look you were hoping to achieve.

Your online success is dependent upon an active Facebook, Twitter and website presence.

Of course there are only so many hours in a day and your business deserves your undivided attention to day-to-day operations rather than posting and tweeting. Our social media management program allows you to focus on what you do best while we take the stress off of your shoulders by managing your social network pages for you!

We have professional graphic designers and content writers who can create professional, modern, and branded social network pages for your business and act as your remote communications department.

Give us a call at 613-482-0480 to discuss your social media setup and campaign.

We use a social media marketing strategy composed of four main elements:

1Strategy development

Before we actually start posting and tweeting we will interview you to discover your goals and to learn more about your target audience. This process will help our social media marketing team create an effective campaign for you and position your business effectively online as we will be able to do the proper content research in order to engage your customers.

2Match your content to demand on the web

We continuously search the web for popular and useful content that is related to your industry and your business. The content library generated by our social marketing team allows us to stay abreast of current buzz so that we can post relevant content on your social media pages to increase customer engagement.

3Engage your customers

The success of your social media campaign is dependent upon client interaction. One of the more successful ways of attracting new customers and traffic is to have engage in conversations online about your services and products.

4Stay ahead of the curve

Because social media changes rapidly we continuously monitor your social metrics to ensure that we are always a step ahead with your campaign so we can easily and quickly make any necessary modifications to  your campaign.


Your social media campaign is all about your customers and we employ social networking techniques to engage with your customers on Facebook and Twitter to provide relevant updates on your business to increase your brand exposure as well as your Facebook Fans/Likes and Twitter followers.

Give us a call at 613-482-0480 to discuss your social media setup and campaign.

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