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Contrary to popular belief among many business owners, blogs are not just for hobbyiests and journalists. In fact, blogs are a great way to add a lot of unique content to your website that will keep customers coming back to your website and bring you a lot of search engine traffic as search engines crawl and index the content from your blog.

There are many reasons to start a blog for your business and your blog will yield a great return on your time investment.

  • Inexpensive to setup
  • A must have on your business website for search rankings
  • Great way to generate revenue online
  • Require only a few hours a month to add new content (or we can write it for you)

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You Should Start a Blog for Your Business

Your organization is always moving. Whether you're attempting new marketing strategies, perfecting older processes or starting from scratch, something will always be happening with your business. It's the nature of modern business to be consistently adapting to the ever-present state of advancement our society inhabits. All that change guarantees that you'll always have something to talk about, something to share with your customers, something to promote and something to use as a marketing tool. A blog is a perfect environment to bring your efforts directly to your customers. They're useful for gathering feedback, for handling customer service complaints, for collecting testimonials and much more. In the current online environment, an organization without a voice will never be heard, so a blog is a must.

Another great reason to have a blog, beyond using it as a marketing channel, is that it provides transparency in your organization. Customers appreciate honesty, and a blog allows for complete sincerity with regard to what your group is facing, what they're working on, and how you're going to meet their expectations. One of the best ways to win a customer's heart is to ensure that they've been heard and that your business listens to customers. A blog allows you to reach a lot of people at once, and tell them, sincerely, that you're listening and that things are happening with your company.

Another important reason is that a blog is a multi-purpose platform. If you're looking to share content, about anything at all, a blog can host videos, presentations, audio tracks, writing, pictures and much more. On the Internet, content is said to be King, and without a fantastic platform to share that content, no one will ever see it!

Profit Generation Through Blogging

Whether your blog is being used for customer service, news or content sharing, it can be a great source of revenue through a couple of different ways. Firstly, if your primary purpose is to share content and your traffic reflects that, advertising revenue (such as Google Adsense) can be made through context-sensitive displays. We can help you set up your blog such that your banners will be applicable to your readers, encourage them to click, and complement the design of your site, both enriching the experience of the reader and providing them with products they're likely to be interested in, which will generate money for your company with every click or impression.

Alternately, your blog can be a great way to cut down on costs, helping to improve your profit margins. For example, a well crafted blog post can answer customer service questions, provide tutorials, explain features or sell a product. This can cut down on personnel hours needed for the same purposes, and make life easier for your customers when they're looking for answers.

The Importance of Custom Design for Your Blog

There are many blog management solutions available on the Internet, and many organizations make the mistake of thinking they will be sufficient. However, the truth is that if you want your blog to stand out against your competitors, it must be unique, both in content and design. You have your own requirements, your own brand and your own story to tell; that must be reflected in the design of your blog. Creative Designs can work with you to develop a blog that evokes the exact feeling you want for your visitors and can display the information you need quickly and effectively for your customers.

Marketing for Your Blog and Article Content

Of course, if no one reads your blog, it won't help your bottom line. We can help you in this area also, as our marketing solutions will ensure that your content or news reaches the right people. Sharing strategies, social media strategies and search engine optimization can all help to improve your blog traffic and raise your search engine ranking, driving massive amounts of traffic to your blog and website. Creative Designs will work with you to develop the right tools to get the job done on schedule and within your budget.

Call us at 613-482-0480 to start your blog or Wordpress website today!

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