What is a Mobile Version of Your Website

A mobile version of your website is essentially the same content (or just the pertinent details) located on your website with a layout that is specifically designed for optimal viewing on mobile devices with smaller screens and different operating systems than a desktop computer.

A mobile detection script is integrated into your website so that when a mobile device views your website the user is provided with your mobile version instead of the regular website layout they would see on a desktop computer. Once the user is redirected to the mobile version, they will see a different layout that has been carefully designed to take advantage of the mobile user-experience (such as touch screen capabilities).

Checkout an Example Mobile Website

To see an example of a mobile version of a website that we have created for one of our clients, please visit the Metcalfe Realty Company Limited website on your mobile device.

After viewing the mobile version on your mobile device, view their website on a desktop to view the non-mobile version of their website.

Call us now at 613-482-0480 to discuss your mobile website development needs so you can start marketing to customers while they are on the move!

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