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We have worked with hundreds of non-profits, organizations, and associations to create user-friendly, accessible, functional and interactive websites within their budget and on time. We can also integrate the ability to accept donations and contributions to help fund your organization's efforts in the community. We also offer discounted services to non-profits as our way of giving back to communities around the world.

Call us today at 613-482-0480, we can help with your non-profit's website.

  • Manage your website content with no technical knowledge required
  • Promote involvement with an interactive website
  • Accept donations and contributions online
  • We work with hundreds of non-profits including MADD, CARL/ABRC, BIAOV.

The Financial and Design Needs of Non-Profits

For-profit firms often have a laser like focus on their markets. Once they've built a product and they know who's most likely to purchase it, their websites can be crafted to suit that individual product's target market and their marketing campaigns can be designed to generate sales. When everything is based around generating profits, what works and what doesn't is often quite clear and is reflected in the company's fiscal reports. However for many non-profits,  it can be more challenging to determine what is working for their organization and what isn't working and it can be difficult to know what your community, participants, volunteers, and members would want to see in your website. Creative Designs has worked with hundreds of non-profits and has the experience to identify areas in your organization that can be improved and accomplish your objectives.

We understand the varying financial and design needs of non-profits, organizations, and associations. We can help determine ways to improve the efficiency within your organization, add more interactive features for your members and community visitors, and add functionality and processes to streamline donation and contribution collection. Budget is always going to be a major concern for those looking for a website update or a website design from scratch. Not-for-profit groups are often more sensitive to this issue as they are usually working with limited funding in comparison to for-profit businesses. Even though it can be more challenging to market for non-profit purposes with limited marketing budgets, Creative Designs will be able to help you to stay on budget with your website, marketing, and promotion of your cause.

Additionally, for non-profits to receive more awareness from as many people as possible, design is a more delicate process when developing your non-profit website. The appearance of web pages often have to ensure that they attract anyone looking at them, not just a specific target market. As such, website design must be monitored and tested carefully; a process that Creative Designs has experience with and has refined with every project completed. We can also include several elements into your design that will encourage users to share your cause with their friends and contacts on popular social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Digg and others.

Best Practices for Non-Profit Websites

There are a number of best practices that not-for profit websites should adhere to and Creative Designs can ensure you're hitting each of these best practices in a way that complements your organization's brand and your objectives. First of all, we can help to make your site donor-friendly. This means that when a potential contributor is looking at your site, they're fully aware of how to go about donating funds, the benefits of doing so, and how their contribution can help continue your organization's efforts in the community. Secondly, we can help your website to become volunteer friendly, so that those who might want to help in some way know exactly what help is needed and how they can get involved with your organization. Finally, we can help to ensure your website is media friendly, so that news relevant to your interests is published quickly and effectively.

Delivering Your Message for Your Non-Profit Organization

Of course, the most important thing is that your organization's message and intention is on display and conveyed with authority! Creative Designs will work with you to first figure out what that message really is, what you want your visitors to feel when they visit your website, and then turn your message into an interactive, user-friendly, and professional non-profit website. Your purpose will be immediately apparent and conveyed primarily through design, and then through the right words. We'll  ensure that your mission statement is easily found, easily understood by website browsers and seen by the right people. A not-for-profit venture will excel when the design serves your mission and Creative Designs works with you to develop a strong web presence for your organization. At Creative Designs, we understand the needs of non-profit organizations and will work hard to ensure your cause is at the forefront of your online campaign.

Call us today at 613-482-0480, we can help with your non-profit's website.

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