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A Secure Sockets Layer certificate (SSL certificate) provides a secure level of protection on your website to encrypt data during transmission over the internet. If your website has an administration panel, members area, or allows customers to make purchases online then you should seriously consider purchasing and installing an SSL certificate for your website to protect this information during transmission. Additionally, the added layer of security can increase customer confidence and lead to an increase in sales. In fact, most payment processors require you to have an SSL certificate installed on your website in order to accept payments and credit card information online.

There are several different options for SSL certificates available, each with their own level of encryption and other benefits although for most websites you can get an SSL certificate purchased and installed for as little as $50 a year. This is a very reasonable investment compared to other forms of protection and insurance that most businesses need.

We sell SSL certificates and can install yours the same day. Contact us now and one of our website security experts will help you with the purchase and will schedule the installation right away. To learn more about SSL certificates you can continue reading more about SSL certificates below.

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Why are SSL Certificates Important?

Secure socket layers are an essential component of every website for protecting private information during transmission. Every piece of data that is transmitted from your computer on the internet can be viewed by someone with the right knowledge and capabilities unless it is securely encrypted during transit. This means that every email, website, online chat conversation, and every other piece of data is not secure unless transmitted over a secure connection that is encrypted. SSL is the primary protocol and industry standard for internet security. Anything that is done on your website without one is the equivalent of leaving your car unlocked with your valuables inside.

Are All SSL Certificates the Same Between Companies?

One of the main differences is the compatibility of the SSL certificate across different browsers. Some certificates are not compatible with 99% of the internet browsers on the market today. Furthermore, some certificates are not scalable and require users to have a browser that is compliant with 128-bit encryption. This means that customers with a browser that can only handle less encryption will run into problems with the certificate. There are several certificates on the market that can scale down to match a user's browser and still provide a high level of security for your website. We can help you find the right SSL certificate for your business.

Give us a call at 613-482-0480 and we'll answer any questions you have regarding SSL certificates.

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